Many women battle with improper hormonal balance. This imbalance can cause many issues such as depression, problems with your weight, premature and incorrect signs of menopause, problems within pregnancy and delivery, and infertility. Hormonal imbalance can be very aggravating and is often times exacerbated by a poor diet or a diet full of processed foods and white flours/sugars. The first goal to hormonal balance begins with your diet. Your diet should be carefully assessed and modified to eliminate toxins and add beneficial foods. Once your diet has been modified herbal therapy may be needed to help balance your hormones. Hormonal balance should always be the key. The goal should never be adding hormones to your system. We believe your body works best when it is regulating your own hormones properly and with a healthy diet and the proper herbs, this can almost always be accomplished. Even if you are not trying to achieve fertility, your goal should be for proper hormonal balance regardless of your current life stage (pre-childbearing, childbearing, post-childbearing, or menopausal)

We have completed a great deal of research on some of the best herbs available for hormonal balance (listed below for your knowledge and information). We have also formulated an incredible tea (Healthy Woman Hormone Balancing Tea), which incorporates the best blends of many of these herbs to help you achieve hormonal balance. As with all nutritional supplements and especially herbs, you should always seek the advice of your midwife prior to using any herb. She will understand your constitution best and will be able to suggest the best dietary and herbal plan for you at the appropriate dosage.

Herbs that help to balance hormones:

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